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Genuss 435 SL

Technical parameters: 

Length: 4,34 m
Width: 1,70 m
Weight: 260 kg
Crew: 4-5
Max engine: 20 hp
Engine shaft: L
CE category: C

Genuss 435 SL is a model of nice classical shape, designed for weekend family trips. Boat bottom is slightly oval, owing to which the boat behaves properly in case of waves. Hgh sides and wide bottom offers very good stability.

This model is equipped with one bench in the middle of the boat, bow and stern seats and two spacious boxes.For the lovers of sunbathing, a spacious sun board and mattresses have been installed. We guarantee you a high quality boat and remember that the superior function is to ensure safety while on the water.

The boat is CE certified and has been checked by the PRS, which guarantees safety and durability. Genuss 435 SL have C category which makes it possible to be used on coastal waters, large bays, backwaters, lakes and rivers.

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