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Cygnus 360

Technical parameters: 

Length: 3,55 m
Width: 1,30 m
Weight: 130 kg
Crew: 3
Max engine: 5 hp
Engine shaft: S
CE category: D

Cygnus 360 is the smallest model in our offer. The boat has been designed for everyone because it is very compatible and universal. It 's suitable as a recreational boat for a small family, but is also appreciated by anglers. The dimensions and weight of the boat make it easy to launch and load the boat onto a trailer and it can be done by one person. 

As standard, the boat has two spacious boxes at the stern and bow. In the central part there is a removable bench and the possibility of installing mattresses improves the comfort of use. Hull shape and good weight of the boat with a 5 hp outboard engine gives everyone a lot of fun while using it. The boat is CE certified and has been checked by the PRS, which guarantees safety and durability. 

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