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FishNautic 80

Technical parameters: 

Length:  7,98 m 
Width:  2,50 m 
Weight:  1900 kg 
Crew:  14 people 
Max engine: 60 hp 
Engine shaft:  L (long)
CE category: C

FishNautic 80 is a bigger version of FishNautic 62. This multiperson boat was built of thinking about fishing at sea. It’s an unsinkable boat, capacious, very stable, comfortable, tested in marine conditions. Here are two possibilities about engines. We can mount outboard or inboard engine with a power up to 60 hp. With this engine, fishing is also economical. 

A helmsman's seat and two berths are mounted in the glass-covered wheelhouse. There you have a lot of hidden boxes and place for chemical toilet. On the deck is a lot of place and you can customize it according to your needs. The deep spacious cockpit, high rails and handrails on the cabin allow for collision-free and safe access to any place on the deck.

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