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FishNautic 65

Technical parameters: 

Length:  6,10 m 
Width:  2,45 m 
Weight:  1300 kg 
Crew:  6 people 
Max engine: 175 hp 
Engine shaft:  L (long) 
CE category: C

FishNautic 65 is a motor boat with a modern look. It is distinguished by high quality finish and functionality. It is equipped with a spacious cabin for 2 people, a large deck area, a proportional roof and the installed equipment will satisfy the most demanding. In its equipment there are also two bath platforms installed on the stern, a very capacious locker, including one with a length of 2.10 m.

The ability to mount a 175 hp outboard engine ensures a lot of impressions during fishing trips with your friends and family. At the same time, it’s a very easy to maneuver boat with high stability and safe. If you are planning longer fishing trips in comfortable conditions - FishNautic 65 is the perfect choice.

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