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FishNautic 39

Technical parameters: 

Length:  3,90 m 
Width:  1,75 m 
Weight:  160 kg 
Crew:  4 people 
Max engine: 25 hp 
Engine shaft:  S (short) 
CE category: C 

FishNautic 39 is the smallest fishing boat in our offer. It’s  capacious and comfortable fishing boat with three lockers (hidden boxes). The middle bench is removable and under the bench is removable box. Along the whole deck there are two shelves for fishing equipment, and along the bottom is a keel, 25 cm high. You have two inside rod holders and two small open boxes with plexi on the back. 

FishNautic 39 is very stable and safe boat. High sides and bow rails also affect safety. You can have it in option with side steering console or without and can mount outboard engine up to 25 hp. If you are looking boat for short fishing trips with your friends – this boat is for you !

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